Pierre Kremer, Luxembourg



Rick LaSalle – Kompositionen für Kammerorchester
Konzert Nr. 1 für Trompete, Streichorchester und Schlagzeug op. 14
Pierre Kremer, Trompete
The Latvian Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra
Dirigent Carlo Jans

»… das Trompetenkonzert mit seinem betrunkenen Andante und einem kecken Allegro, in dem Pierre Kremer das etwas absonderliche Spiel nicht ohne Ironie mitspielt. Leichte Musik, anspruchsvoll serviert.« pizzicato Luxemburg, 05/2002


Valued soloist, Pierre Kremer often performs at concerts in Luxembourg as well as abroad. Various recordings for radio and television and the production of several CD’s bear witness of his will to devote himself to a classical and contemporary repertoire.

Luxembourg Latin Band

Luxembourg Latin Band presents throughout its programs a large variety of Cuban and Latin music.

The phenomenal evolution of Latin-American music is mostly based on the extraordinary input of Cuban music, the Birthplace of a culture which influenced all the American continent during the 20th century.


The ensemble also creates and plays its own music. All arrangements are also specifically made for this particular ensemble.

Musicians: Grace Gnad-Agustin, vocals,

Al Ginter & Jerome Goldschmidt percussions,

Pierre Kremer, trompette, Gast Gnad, trombone, Paulo Simoes, guitare, Vincent Felly, piano et Tom Heck, basse